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 9 - Published - At Last!
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Published – At Last!
     Do you recall my obsession with the New Orleans newspaper's Book Reviewer who told me that her practice was not to give coverage to Self-Publishers – well, in pursuit of compliance with her stipulated guidelines, I renewed my efforts to become a “Published Author.”  A lead was given me by one of the independent book store owners who recommended a book publisher that printed local legacies.  This sounded great – it would satisfy my quest and keep me in my established niche.
     I made contact with Arcadia Publishers who drew up a contract agreement for me to publish a book in accordance with their design plan of being incorporated in their series called “Images of America.”  In a nutshell, Arcadia publishes books by local writers who have access to a minimum of 200 local vintage photographs and the historical knowledge to generate meaningful photograph captions.  I already had more than enough photographs and related information to submit a book which when published was called “Images of America – Pass Christian.”
     On preparing what I thought would be a snap, actually turned out to be a concentrated effort, because I found it rather difficult for me to reduce my knowledge base of the photographs to just a few sentences.  It took me as long to meet the obligation of their128-page pictorial legacy book as it had for any of my previous self-published books.
     Regardless, I became published!   Copyrighted!   ISBN numbered!  A Certified Regional Author!  Hoorah!
     But, still no book review from the New Orleans Press!  For those who may wonder about this obsession – Besides the many Orleanians who read the New Orleans newspaper, so do many Pass Christian and other coastal residents.  In addition, I am a former Orleans resident, and former educator, businessman, civic leader, and political official (previously being regarded by some, as “Mr. Democrat” due to my position as State President of the Young Democrats of Louisiana, and having been campaign manager for a former mayor, in addition to being a former Member of the Orleans Parish School Board.)  Frankly, I just plain deserve having a New Orleans styled Book Review – Don't you agree?
     But, “No!”  The Book Reviewer again did not respond to my emails or telephone calls – much less the addition of efforts extended by the Publisher's publicity department - since I had reminded them that New Orleans was crucial to sales promotions.
     Well, forget it, I'm Published!  --- And carried by Barnes & Nobles, BooksA-Million, Amazon, and America-OnLine, etc.

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Self Publishing is a great experience!