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Introduction to Self Publishing

– Introduction to Self Publishing–
Know Where You're At

     Writers and aspiring writers having a great idea for a book, will ultimately seek support from mentors, collaborators, editors, publishers, and literary agents.  Writers want to be published and don't like the idea of the waiting game.
     Whether you're a writer or an aspiring writer – you will naturally seek assistance and support in accomplishing your writing and publishing objectives.  It is natural that writers would want to have their work published – that's the dream, the goal that keeps many writers falling back to the blank page to start again and again.
     Writers and aspiring writers seek prestige, validation, and monetary reward that the promise of their published work will bring.  Therefore, during, or after a writer's work completion, they want to know how the publishing world works – this is when joys or frustrations or met.

     This Self-Help site offers many ideas and suggestions that will help get your writing into publishable shape.  As you sharpen your personal writing skills, you should first learn more through local writer's clubs, or available internet resources, before submitting your project proposals to potential book publishers.
     Eventually you may wish to seek outside services such as professional editing, ghostwriting, rewriting, copyediting, proofreading, collaboration, and writing critiques that will assure your dreams of publication become a reality.  There are companies that specialize in book proposal packaging and in helping clients acquire literary representation.  Regardless, when your manuscript or proposal is ready to go, first think of Self-Publishing.  If your project is good – with creative development on your part – it will find its mark.

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Self Publishing is a great experience!