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What in the World is Quadrilogy?
Not in Webster's

     Let's continue with my liturgy of lumps and bumps.  At one point, I reflected that I had created a winning book when I self-published and self-printed Pass Christian – Historic District and Lost Mansions.  In seeking a repeat of success for the 2001 Christmas season, I assembled stories and photographs that I entitled Christmas in the Pass.  Although appealing solely to the local market, I assumed that a starting number of 50 books in color would tide me over until the “mad-rush” would take place.  Wouldn't you know – No rush and No market!  I sold about ten copies and decided to put the previous year's leftovers out for the following Christmas – but again, I sold only ten more.  I still have inventory of a very colorful book for the next season – but you can be sure – there is no anticipation of reprints.  Oh, well . . .
     I am never left flustered or bothered by the market place, because I first and foremost write on what interests me.  I'm always with two or three books in the mill and when an internal urge moves me – I redouble my efforts to get a new book ready for printing.  During the process of continuing research, I gather a lot of information;  and when vintage photographs come my way, I horde them into my computer along with all the other files tucked away.  Thus, when I decide on a new book topic, I need only concentrate for three to four months before sending a newly prepared disk-full of files to Kinko's for printing.
     I then decided that two of my previous books, All About Camille – the Big Storm and Lighthouses and Islands – Gulf Coast, needed a companion book by which I could create a “Trilogy.”  Result – in January 2002, I released The Great Gulf Coast – Sails, Trails & Rails.  Voila – a “Trilogy” on the Mississippi Gulf Coast was born.  My original intent for the book's topic was primarily about railroading – but for two reasons I changed my course.  One, I couldn't find enough information on railroading without getting into some boring nuts and bolts details that only a thoroughbred Choo-choo person would want to read, and secondly, it finally dawned on me that even though many men enjoy reading about history – it's the women who are the predominant purchasers of my books.  I have always paid attention to cover design by choosing an alluring title and graphically descriptive covers as a matter of course, and I have appreciated the kind words by many women who stated that they purchased one of my books for their husbands.
     I mentioned in a prior Tome that each new book helps sell previous books in my repertoire – so I decided to add one more book to my “Trilogy.” This, I called Gold Coast – Watering Places as released in August 2002.  I pulled out old and new Webster Dictionaries and other word source references, but failed in arriving at a proper name to replace “Trilogy.”  
     This was ultimately resolved by creating my own nomenclature – Quadrilogy!  
     No, it Ain't in the dictionary . . .

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