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 7 - Binding Process
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Book Binding Guide

     Book Binding - The binding of books and documents no longer has to be relegated to commercial binderies and large publishing departments. Easy-to-use, affordable binding equipment and supplies are now available to the hobbyist, small business owner, and the corporate department as well as to commercial binderies.
     When most people think of book binding, they usually think of thousands of hardback books being produced --- as when a promising novel goes to print for the first time.  But many other binding options are available to bind books and documents that may actually be more economical and practical. Take a look at all the different options!

If you consider any of the following binding processes, I suggest that you first form out the service in order to determine the best cost/price and presentation appearance for your needs.
     VeloBinding -Economical strip binding system that uses a manual or electric punch and a hard plastic strip to permanently lock every page in place-one of the most secure binding solutions available. VeloBind equipment is specifically made to complement VeloBind strips.  
     Wire Binding - A traditional binding choice that creates permanent lie-flat documents. Available in two styles: Double Loop Wire and Spiral-O. Double Loop Wire, also known as Double O, double loop binding, or Twin Loop, is used with equipment that punches a square or round hole pattern and has a wire closer. Spiral-O is used with equipment that punches a rectangular plastic comb pattern and has a wire closer.
     Plastic Coil Binding -Creates spiral bound notebooks that lie completely flat. Elastic plastic coils are long wearing and keep their shape over years of use. Uses punching and inserting equipment that is specifically made to accommodate the plastic coils.
     Thermal Binding -Make your presentation into a stylish perfect bound book by using special-made covers and a Thermal Binder. The covers are manufactured with an adhesive applied onto the spine of a soft or hardcover, the Thermal Binder uses heat to melt the adhesive and bind the pages to the spine of the book.
     Thermal Tape Binding - Create professional, attractive documents that don't require the punching of each document set. High quality linen cloth binding strips are thermally applied to the spine of the document using a tape-binding machine.
     This is not an endorsement by me, but much of the above information was lifted from the following website.  However, I do buy some supplies from these folks and they often advertise used equipment.   This is not a paid commercial --- Just the folks that I currently use.     email: 1-800-399-2564

I use the following two methods.

Books measuring 8.5 by 11
    19-Ring Plastic Comb Binding - Probably one of the most widely used and economical options available! Uses equipment that punches 19 rectangular holes on the binding edge and allows for the manual insertion of flexible plastic combs. For more information about this popular binding option, see the Factory Express Guide to Plastic Comb Binding.

Books measuring 4.25 by 5.5
     Perfect Bind - The Unthinkable -- I purchase 60 lb matte white sheets for covers, create my own cover design, print these covers from my computer printer, and take the Kinko printed pages and my covers to a local printer who binds my books in Perfect Bind process for a dollar a book in quantities of fifty.  Costs more if less than a dozen.

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