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14 - Internet Book Sales
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–Fourteen –
Self-Publishing Domains and Web Sites
Internet Sales

     Soon after I completed my first book, I decided that I would try to sell through Amazon-dot-Com.  I went through the processes and either by ignorance or by improper filing of information, I was not successful in using their services.
     I tend to get impatient and found that the Internet was too tedious for my nature – so I failed to press on.  I also previously mentioned that I rather do things myself, instead of employing help from Computer Gurus who often know less than I do.  However, they do specialize in certain aspects which they too often find difficult to convey to their clientele.  I have always had this problem with computer programmers throughout my 30 years in the computer industry.  They know what they are doing but can’t or won’t communicate.  I have encountered very few exceptions.  However, I’m well aware of my own shortcomings of impatience and stubbornness.  

Personal    Domains

     Whether a person decides on one book or more – I strongly urge that a Web Site be established and the sooner the better.  In my case, I decided to use DanEllis.Net since DanEllis.Com was already taken.  I purchased a couple of hours of support from one person who got me started in the wrong direction, but nevertheless I did establish a Domain site and a web page which I generated by using a program called Trellix which came with my Corel package of Word Perfect 9.  Trellix has since been acquired by CuteSite Builder, which serves my purposes most adequately.  Even though I can hire someone to design a better presentation than what I have to offer – I much prefer making my own web site so that I can make my own changes and additions whenever I desire.

     Needless to say, my stubbornness and impatience for not thoroughly reading the errata of every step and aspect had me stumped about using and implementing “Keywords.”  Keywords are the magical words and phrases that allows users of the internet to find the web sites which they are seeking.  Without the benefit of keywords, my site "DanEllis.Net" was limited to the first five or six words that were written on each page of my web site – and, being a writer – my first sentence of each page was not as significant as I could or should have made them as per internet search engine mathematical rules.
     I offer these comments by way of declaring my mistakes --- And, believe me, I still make them.  

Web Mastering
     Have you ever noticed at the bottom of the last page of websites -- when you want to get in touch with the person in charge of the Web Site?  Well that contact person is the Web Master.  If you are serious about getting your own Web Site Domain and maintaining it yourself, then you will be the ultimate Web Master.  This is a discovery adventure all of its own, which I will ultimately unfold in later updates.

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