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No longer, is it necessary to print 1000, 3000, or more books at a time. Using current technology allows you to print 100 or less --- at a reasonable cost.
New Authors need not print large quantities to have their books sold.

   We have always heard that there is a book in all of us.  And it is well known that many presidents, and even friends and  colleagues, call upon aides to assist with their first attempts at getting published.  Well so should we !

   Let's talk to our soul, reach up to our aura, look down at the stars, kiss our elbow, or whatever else it takes to muster our thoughts and to master our hidden secrets.

  Tell friends, relatives, and fellow workers what we are about doing.  Ask for ideas, impressions, and comments. Accept encouragement BUT- reject negativism.

   While presidents are assured of being published and distributed widely we too, can be published even if to a narrower readership.

What does it take to be a Writer? One page at a time!

What does it take to be a Published Writer? One book!

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Self Publishing is a great experience!
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